emergency power generation

7 02 2006

so monday morning there’s a major power outage on campus, which means i have to run around like a pedophile on halloween to try and get 3 freezers, 2 fridges, and 2 cell culture incubators on to enough extension cords and power bars to plug into a single emergency power socket and not blow up the building (for those of you keeping score, the final number was 4 extension, 2 power bars). but i got it done and even had an extra outlet on a power bar to spare. needless to say my only option was to open all the doors to the rest of the biology building, get the lab cd player on emergency power a fresh set of newly purchased batteries 🙂 and crank a cd of Prince that i had lying around. hulke showed up for coffee shortly after this and said that Prince could be heard throughout the floor.





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