my evening with corpusse

7 02 2006

on feburary 4,2006, my friends in iron bitchface and milkbag brother
put on a show here in k-town at the circus room. they had a big man named corpusse (along with his keyboardist, Lorenz) down for the show. if you ever get the chance to see any of these guys i highly recommend it. here is my encounter with corpusse…

corpusse is about to come on when brad (from milkbag) and i rush to get to the front table. we, along with k-rot deevon (iron bitchface), are the only one’s who’ve seen him that are here and are the only ones who know of the crazy display of intensity we’re all going to see . so out comes the big man. 240+ pounds of corpusse and lorenz another amazing set of avant-garde/ambient craziness. so intense!!

after the show, i find out corpusse, his girlfriend (i think she was, anyway), and lorenz are staying with brad and k-rot. so along with everyone and gear, my little car’s going to have to make two trips. weather is shit, and i already almost got into an accident on the way here, so the night might turn interesting. it’s decided that i’ll take brad and the corpusse gang home first, but on the way home we find out lorenz is a vegan and me and brad decide we should go to sobeys. i drop off brad at home then make my way to sobeys along with corpusse (in full face paint, hair spiked glory), his woman (who, im convinced hates everything and everyone in the entire universe), and lorenz. we get to sobeys and its the crazyiest shopping trip ever. lorenz having to settle on the highly nutritous food-supplement known as sunchips, due to sobeys suckiness at stocking vegan food, corpusse staring at a rack full of m&ms lustfully for a good minute before moving past, and the woman swearing up a storm. so now that shopping’s done, it’s off home. awkward silence while we drive, becomes….

> corpusse: “so, as a scientist, why do you think visitors have to keep returning to earth to take samples from humans?”
> everyone: silence as they wait for my answer
> me: thinking.. a>wtf? b>i assume he means aliens c>i better come up with something here… “well. we’re continually evolving over time, so maybe they keep coming back to check on how we’re progressing”
> everyone: silence
> corpusse’s vulgar girlfriend: “wow. good answer”
> corpusse: “yup, yup”

after that, there’s really nothing left to say….





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