up hill, both ways

8 02 2006

not much of a day today, but i might come up with something…

got to campus late today and since UW refuses to build new parking lots, i was forced to park in the mysterious LOT X!!!! i swear it takes so long to walk to the lab in the morning that the earth’s tectonic plates shift enough so that by the time i head home at the end of the day, i end up walking uphill both ways. damn lazy undergrad motorists, stealing all the spots.

ive come to the realization that im in major league trouble. ive got a midterm friday, which ive yet to study for because i’ve been writing a journal for a conference im going to this coming monday. along with those two peices of business, ive got to make a poster version of said journal to present at the conference (hopefully i win another award. YEAH!!), then i have to make a powerpoint presentation (read: PROFESSIONAL powerpoint presentation) for thursday. add that to the fact that my supervisor, who’s been alone in a hotel room with my p-o-s rough draft of the journal for the past two days, comes back tomorrow. i’ll be lucky if he doesn’t grind my bones for his bread. i’m sure my meat could be sold for a fair price. the chinese black market is always looking for dried scrotums, im sure, as well.

other than that, buckets of coffee and bitterness. hopefully i can get around to doing the superfriends roster page in the next day or so, as well. if you want to be on it, let me know. i’ve got some pretty big plans for my little deserted-island of the internet here…..now if i can only figure out how to do it all.

i love the power glove, it’s so badd

can u imagine a world with no nes? i know i can’t…





3 responses

8 02 2006
8 02 2006

Leave it to you to find ingenious shit like the advertisement for the Power Glove… where on earth did you find that, it looks like an add straight out of issue #255 of The Spectacular Spider Man; er, not that I’d know =)

8 02 2006

I made that last comment a little too soon; I just finished watching the advertisement for The Legend of Zelda… my life is complete.

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