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10 02 2006

i learned 2 interesting things today:

1. i’ve beaten exhaustion. that’s right, the average human may need 8 hours of sleep a day, but not me. i woke up this morning and was pretty sick, so i in lieu of breakfest i had water and some probiotics. it wasn’t the most delicious breakfest, but it certainly GROWS on you!! oh man, that was so good. anyways, so i continually drank water over the entire day and i feel like a million bucks. plus i get to take a million breaks to pee. the perfect ploy. the down side is that i’ve started coughing up some blood, but i’ve got plenty of that stuff to spare anyways, so it’s all good.
2. i’m a comedic genius.

ok, that  didn’t come out right. i’m a comedic genius BUT only when nearing the brink of exhaustion. all day i’ve been blabbering like an idiot, and it’s some of the best stuff i’ve come up with in a long time. also, friends who i have been able to get to read this crap that i type, seem to enjoy it. i guess they could be lying. funny story. i believe it was grade 11 or so, when i, two buddies, and this other guy who noone really liked, were stuck working in the library for engineering or english or something. anyway, there was a pretty dorky-guy working on one of the computers, and we generally made fun of him on a regular basis. now, the one guy working with us turns over and notices he’s actually looking at gay porn in the library. of course, we all were shocked and pulled the collective “hey, so-n-so! WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT GAY PORN IN THE LIBRARY, RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT?!”. worst part is noone beleived us cause they thought we were just picking on him for being a dork. incidently, i would later have auto class with dorker vondorkington, and one day while working on a car i accidently put a pair of pliers too close to the car battery, so when another guy came to get said pliers, there were shocks and sparks and crazy everywhere. quick-thinking me pulled the old “dorker?! why did you put those pliers on the battery leads!> are you nuts??”


ok, i take back the part where i said i was a comedic genius…


sigh. i think i’m going to give up and go home to sleep.

man. both the things i learned today were fucking wrong. dammit!





7 responses

10 02 2006

hahah, who knew Gigante went to your highschool

10 02 2006

Haha; I remember that day… I was the guy that turned around and noticed that kid was looking at gay porn (and no it’s not in my regular habbit to notice people looking at gay porn; not that there’s anything wrong with that). Man that shit was hilarious. But who was that, I can’t for the life of remember who that was.

Oh well, they’re probably some variant of a crack-whore… or in university. Being an avid library-enthusiast (read, nerd), I can’t count how many times I’ve walked past a study-carrel and have seen somebody either looking at pornography, watching streaming video, and once I passed another guy who just had his laptop proped open and his desktop background was two girls comfortably situated on either end of a double-headed dildo.

For fuck sakes, what the fuck; some people simply never seem to shock me with their utter lack of decency anymore.

10 02 2006

Whoa, Malcom’s a capoeirista… I’m Hulke, who are you?

10 02 2006

omg Hulke, wicked. I’m Coringa.

10 02 2006

shhhh. everybody, we’re witnessing tru-love in bloom!

let’s watch…

10 02 2006


Now im no gay porn afficianado, but I cna bet a few have started exactly the same way messages 3 & 4 just did!

12 02 2006

Paulo: 1
Malcolm: 0

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