Sunday Post#1 : full frontal

12 02 2006

alright you vultures, later tonight i’ll do a proper post and put up the first superfriends roster. my plan is to have fridays and saturdays as no-post day, then start off the week with a bang of a meaty sunday post, full of funny stuff, stupid links, and the hey-hey-hey. so check back later tonight.

later that night…

before i go on… OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!1!1!11!!@

with that out of the way. holy crap! i can’t believe i’ve made it through this past week. friday night i bailed on capoeira and crashed hard. saturday was studying, drum rehersal, and more studying; pretty uneventful.

oh shit, i forgot, friday morning i was really tired and pumping Prince in the lab. so i finish the cd, but remember there’s somekind of cd sale going on, anyway i end up getting the sweetest Parliament collection ever!!! now, hulke and i pretty much crapped our pants upon finding this, but alot of you guys dont seem to be up for the down-stroke. so i give to you kings of the funk! (ok, i wanted to post a song, but i cant, so here’s advice straight from god himself)
right, so saturday sucked and sunday was fine. some hot roda action. tried (and failed) to study at lunch. drove home. tried (and failed) to study up until a couple hours ago. then i just gave up and went to plan the big summer tour!!!

for those of you not in the know, im going to drive IBF around the US for a couple weeks in the summer. I’ll be playing up the mad scientist angle and hitting on all the underage emo-girls. it’ll be awesome. a serious step towards becoming a sleazebag. i’m pumped. the plans are basically kitchener->;buffalo->;boston->;NYC->;Philly->;Baltimore (if we can find anything to do there other than watch the orio..oriel…oreil…baseball)–>;pittsburgh->;cleveland->;detroit->;home

im guessing there’ll be tons of hijinx, lots of fast-food, and (hopefully) no cavity searches. but i think we can get past the border if i say im a scientist. it helped me get into the US the last time i flew there!!

customs officer: occupation


c o:oh really? PhD?


c o:move along

good times. it’s a much better strategy than my grandfather repeating “yes, canada very good, english (thumbs up) hehehe.” i honestly can’t believe he gets aways with it…..i can’t imagine cuba being that easy to get into!
today was also supposed to be “grow a moustache day” for me, but after shaving on saturday i totally felt like the world’s biggest re-re. Hugh went through with the agreement (he had to grow mutton-chops) which really made me feel like a douche bag. But i’m going to make it up to you, hugh. give me a couple weeks (cause blonde hair is a curse for growing facial hair), but you’ll be happy. I now give to you: what could’ve been
so this week ive got a big conference monday and tuesday, where i get to show off my master’s work. but ive got heavy competition from the “which cup has less” group, as well as the “effect of teen-stache on computer repair” guy. so look’s like it’ll be a few days till i can get back to my desk

in conclusion, yes, i am putting off the posting of the roster again.





4 responses

12 02 2006

Everybody knows that the week starts on mondays.

12 02 2006


13 02 2006


Just to clarify, despite my ancestors christian claims of being the only true religion, they done fucked up. You see in the bible it states the God rested on the 7th day, which was saturday, the jewish holy day. So, us christians have been living a lie for all these centuries. Although i must say, living a lie is defenetely better than gettin my weiner snipped. Come on! Who thought of that! Jeesum!

Anyways, in conclusion Madonna 1 Malcolm 0.

(just to drive the point home, in portuguese monday is segunda-feira, roughly translating to “second day”).

Man With comments like this i hsould start my own blog…but we all know thats not going to happen.

13 02 2006

That video of the guards in Cuba… genius; that producer deserves a Nobel Prize.

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