no sleep

15 02 2006

so, i had another bout of sleep paralysis yesterday. i hate those damn things. they always fuck up my day, and i can never get proper sleep for the next 3 or 4 days. oh well. i was at a environmental engineering conference for 12 hours today and it was hell on earth. i won’t bore you with the soul-crushing details. instead, watch this. it made me laugh a couple days ago….back when i still had an emotional response.

i also posted the first ask a scientist answer on the page (click the link at the top of the page). i can’t figure outhow to arrange that section, so any suggestions would be appreciated.





6 responses

15 02 2006


That kid is such a weiner!!!!!

16 02 2006

I’m not sure that i would cry, but that would freak me the hell out, so a big chunk of his reaction is understandable. Just not the crying.

17 02 2006
Alexander DeSouza

Who the hell is Chad Kruger?

17 02 2006

click on the lovely suzie sampson’s name to see the link to Dr. Kruger’s bio

17 02 2006
Alexander DeSouza

Oh man, I finished reading the Wiki-blurb on sleep paralysis, and being one who experiences it often, I had to chuckle when I realized I do three of the five things they mention may be correlated with the event: irregular sleeping habbits, sleeping facing upward, high levels of stress.

Oh well, I’ve always think it’s neat (thought not the first-time) when I wake up and can’t feel or move my body =D

18 02 2006

it’s the hallucinations that always ruin my day 😦

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