Sunday Post#2: foreplay and O face

19 02 2006

ok, after a few rough days, i think im getting back on track. I updated the Ask a scientist page, and should have a full sunday post this evening. so be back tonight


ok. it’s almost midnight and the posting hour is upon us. I’m just going to start typing, so if it goes anywhere or is funny is up to the big man upstairs. I am, as of now, caught up with all the Ask a Scientist questions. So be sure to click the tab at the top of the page, read them, then click on the link at the right side of the screen (this is pretty complicated…) and leave a question. You’re making my life easier because i don’t have to be as creative. and really, this blog should be about me doing as little thinking as necessary to make you laugh.  Sooooo, someone sent me this link the other day. Im really starting to think that im becoming this man. I mean, the other day i had an hour of sleep and then went the whole next day feeling fine. the following night i got a “normal” 5 hours, etc. so, apparently, 5 hours is sleeping in for me. My uncle came back from portugal (yes, the one whose cat is in my house) to ship his car over there, and he has to get rid of his 52inch plasma tv, which i found he’d be willing to part with for 500bones. long story short, im out 500 bones, and will soon be playing super mario bros. 3 on a 52inch plasma tv. im very, very excited. link-attack! im glad that this week, i should be back to my regular, stress-free, slacker grad-student self, and can hopefully get back to capoeira. Anyways, i dont really have anything else right now, so more links!!





2 responses

19 02 2006

-clap- -clap- -clap- -clap- -clap- -clap- -clap- -clap- -clap-

Bravo. I’m gla to see my tax/university dollars are not going to waste funding such quality scienctific research projects such as the endeavors of Madonas crack team.

Simply brilliant.

-clap- -clap- -clap- -clap- -clap- -clap- -clap- -clap- -clap-

20 02 2006

Wow. Nothing sums up my feelings for your weblog better than the phrase, “I cannot wait until I start graduate school.” =)

If it weren’t so highly offensive, I think my favourite line of all time would become, “I know you’d be happy, down there, in black-heaven”; haha!

And, Ninja Pest Control, yeah.

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