why do i have this blog again?

21 02 2006

seriously guys, i appreciate them, but stop with the compliments (i’m not sure if your comment was complimentary, hulke, but i tend to just assume things). if you keep this up i’ll start chewing gum, speaking in third person and grow a creepy, douchiee moustache!

i have a weird infatuation with the 1980’s. i thought it would eventually turn into love of the 90’s, but no (magic fucking shoes. seriously. wtf). and i really can’t understand why. a piss-poor global political scene, the birth of shameless and rampant marketing in every media outlet, and hillariously-bad tv shows. maybe it’s the charm of youth lost that makes me yearn for a simpler time?

aside from that, it’s almost world cup time! which will mean hours of tv watching, work-dodging and male-bonding with my old man.  this will spell certain doom for the master’s though. today i had another hour and a half meeting with the supervisor that resulted in a giant “things marcel has to do” sign being posted right outside his office. i’ll have to get a nice 8×10 of my prof to put on the lab dart board to ease the stress i will undoubtedly be feeling in the coming weeks. at least i got to make fun of some mathies playing dance-dance today.

p.s. i really like this picture.





2 responses

21 02 2006

Haha; nah, I can’t insult this stuff, it’s genious!

Those were all compliments, heck I’m even taking some of these links and using them on my own weblog… the futbol commercial, for instance, yeah, I’m posting that on every forum I visit, everyday, for the next two weeks.

22 02 2006

ok, wow, dont even know where to begin.

First things first, my only quipe with the blog is that it is sooooo chalk full of movie links that it takes an hor to get through! but like i said only qualm. other than that? pure 100% funny.

OK, so that kid? WTF!? as i watched, the WHOLE THING, all i could htink of was, would this befunnier if I understood it? you know i’ll be showing that around.

and now all i can thin is wow, i really watched that whole thing.

as a final thing, u need to kep this blog going becasue since my fall from comicdom, this is the only thing i have to llok forward too reading now.

Peace oout

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