Phd in patience

23 02 2006

first of all, it really grinds my gears when people act all holier-than-thou caue they think they have a shitty life, and assume your’s is all roses, cause you’re not an egotistical dick and bog other people down with all your problems, unlike jerky mcjerkington, who’s bitchin and whining all day. sorry, i had to vent. i’ll move on now, i don’t want this to become THAT type of blog

so today, i’m all pumped to do some mad science, mostly because everyone i generally grab coffee with, is nowhere near campus. i check on the experiment i started yesterday. now, you have to understand, i do alot of plaque assays and this involves counting little areas of clearing petri plates with E.coli grown on it. so, when i look down and see no clearnings, when i should be seeing like 100, i tend to have a bad day. today was no exception.

so, it turns out i wasted all day monday (when i prepared all the plates, which i checked today). that’s fine. i’m young. i’ll just do it again. get the bottle of agar, put into the steamer (its a solid at room temperture, so you’ve got to melt this gunk), play some CONTRA for 10-15 45 minutes, then BLAM! an orgy of science and bacteria and working and walking and such. time passes, and i go to check the steamer and find it not quite as full as when i put my bottle in with the rest of the crap thats always in there…

turns out, my bottle kind of exploded like a jello-filled hand grenade (minus the deliciousness) [im sorry i just cant resist], leaving me to clean up decades of built up “gross” (that’s the scientific term for it, anyway). i notice a pool of solidifying agar by a hole at the bottom of the steamer and figure i should pour some hot water to make sure the drain (i guessed it was, anyway) doesn’t clog up. luckily, my lab has lots of chinese guys in it (who love their instant noodles), so i used their kettle (scientific-grade, of course) to boil up some hot water and pour it down said drain. i managed to say “hot stuff coming through!” to 3 other grad students on my way from my lab to the steamer as well, which brightened up my day a bit. also, Jerry, if you’re reading this, i used your kettle today to avert certain microbiological doom. all’s well that ends well, and i ended up leaving the lab at 1 because i can only take so much failure in one day.

p.s. i went easy on the video links, but coming up will be an orgy of video orgy links orgy!!!!orgy!!!





4 responses

23 02 2006

You get to eat in your science labs? Why can’t we? πŸ˜€

23 02 2006

that’s the beauty of being a grad student, my friend. πŸ™‚

23 02 2006

Any day you get to use the phrase “hot stuff coming through” is a good day.

27 02 2006

Hmm ok, make a mental note: “Get to uni!”

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