The Third Sunday Post: “that’s the most offensive thing i’ve ever heard”

27 02 2006

so, i woke up this morning and while showering, wondered, in this day and age, what the most offensive/disturbing thing i could possibly come up with. so i started thinking about it…

CRAZY-AWESOME DAY TODAY!! awesome capoeira class, then an awesome roda at another group’s big event. got to smoke a portly capoeirista in the face, after he throughly out-played me prior to my making the “play of the day”. i’ve really got to train more…

then, vietnamese coffee, on a empty stomach = crazy-go-nuts madonna. i think i sang (poorly) to the misfits my entire drive home from TO. no phantom lane changes today, that’s for sure. i totally bailed on my 24 hours time point for the experiment i started yesterday, though. math’s law of fudge-ery, should help me to determine an equivalent value if i test tomorrow morning, though.

so friday, malcolm sez to me, he sez, “hey madonna. why don’t you do a picture blog?”…wait. that’s what i was thinking while ignoring malcolm. that’s it. [whispering] malcolm. i’m so sorry [end whispering] so i may try to snap some pics tomorrow, i have to go to the greenhouse to get some dirt for an experiment, and i hear the greenhouse person is quite the character. if nothing else interesting happens, i guess i’ll do it (the picture’n) on thursday, since i have to proctor some underage hotties first years and will, hopefully, be going to Guelph to see Tubring, so that’s guaranteed hijinxxx.

also, if you’re going to call me after like 3 years of not talking to me, and ask for a windows xp product key (wtf, indeed) while i’m driving, have some patience will ya? i mean, im a good driver, but those damn pedestrians are crazy. walkin into the front of my car’s path and all. cripes.

uhm….why do i not live in brasil??????

finally, i was thinking about the most offensive thing possible all day, and remembered a song i heard once called “bukkake worriors” (ok. you aren’t going to like it, but you might be feeling brave, so here’s the (seriously, i’m warning you) link ) , and so, i present to you:

The Most Offensive Thing I Could Come Up With: Feb27/06 Edition

kindergarten bukkake workshop and coat hanger trade show: free abortions from 2-4






2 responses

27 02 2006


I was searching up ‘kindergarden and bukkake’ on google and I came across your site. I just want to say that I really enjoy your blog and I, like you, am also into microbiology and punk-rock.

18 01 2007
Jim Davies

Google is the best search engine

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