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28 02 2006

well, it appears that Tubring on thursday may not happen, so i’ll post what little did happen today and try to spice it up with lies and such…

Pre-work: theme–>p

woke up stupid early due to sucky TA meeting. usual morning stuff. ate a bagel. out to face the world! upon arriving at Uof W, it’s straight to Timmy Hoe’s for some sweet sweet lovin’. i got yelled at for trying to take a picture of my coffee server. so nothing from there. BUT!!!!!! ROLL UP THE RIM!!! it’s like the love child of drug-addiction and gambling! YEAH! from there, to the lab. i tried to take a picture of the door to the lab, because there’s a bunch of stuffed peacocks right by the door, and i like to tell people my lab is right by the cocks in the bio building; no one ever laughs at that.

at work: theme–>o

so after walking into the lab and after making the initial check that the TCDD “containment unit” is still functional, it was time to check email till my meeting. on the way to said meeting, i get flagged to pick up 12 packages that were delivered. im dumb a man, so i do it in one trip. one boring meeting later, people have actually shown up to the lab (10am-ish, now) and after being told that it’s roll up the rim time, another trip to tim’s and a drafting of the annual “Bols’ lab roll up the rim to win-lympics” tally (why the fuck can’t i take a proper picture??). jerry currently leads with an early win. but this is my year! after that i have to track down the greenhouse lady to try and get some dirt. she tells me ive gotta get some from the micro prep lab (i forgot my phone in the lab, here’s an artists rendition). so, back to the bench to get some mad-work done! they say a clean work bench reduces accidents; i like to live on the edge, i guess.

lunch: –>r

went to eat. bitched about my hatred of all undergrads. more coffee consumed.
after that i worked my ass of till like 600. it sucked. autoclaved bio-hazardous waste. it smells really terrible. i once had to carry home some books in a bio-hazardous waste bag, on the bus, back during the days of the anthrax scare. good times freaking out the “normies”. i only had about a half hour of down time, which i spent checking email, and looking up zombie movies i haven’t seen yet (for those not up to speed on zombies, watch this educational video made by the re-formed (and vastly inferior) 90’s “Misfits”. not many photo-opportune moments.

after work:–>n (click on a song at the right. i recommend “night ruiner”)
yeah. not much. got home at like 7, so no way i could go to capoeira. watched half of the original Dawn of the Dead. did a little bit of work. ate some food. found out tubring may be playing guelph early thursday, meaning i may not be able to make it. that’s about it.





2 responses

28 02 2006

Interesting. And your links spell out “porn”! Great. 😀

28 02 2006

hehe. always an adventure around here!

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