the soothing whine of ear-damage

4 03 2006

so after my stress levels maxed out, i decided to bag the lab, forego capoeira for the evening and hang out with kyle and brad from iron bitchface and the charge (OMFG!!!1!1!11!11111) for a little fireball island action. of course, the explosion of their washing machine led to soggy socks and broken hearts (no fireball island). but Daiquiri was playing in toronto that night, so we booked it out there to enjoy some ottawa-borne chaos. i’ve previously seen Daiquiri in cambridge, but Leigh (guitar-seducer) was having a kid or something, so it was all Mike (the glasses’d one), but last night the gruesome-twosome got to put on their full-blown snazzy elctro punk extravaganza. and it was awesome. glenn (the guy that sat on the couch on the tom green show; all these guys grew up together in ottawa, and i think they were all in organized rhyme together, but im not sure about that) was there, so i got to hang out with him for a bit. pretty fun. the headliner was tub ring from chicago. this is the first time i saw them live and i have to say, incredible! unfortunatly, the guitarist may have gotten arrested after the show (i told him he should have came with us to amato’s!!) for hotboxing a car, so who knows what’ll happen to the rest of the tub ring tour. i also met some cracked-out, dreaded white guy, who swore i was tub ring’s old bassist. whatever. coincidently, he was also potentially arrested.

at amato’s pizza, we talked to a couple of homeless guys who revealed to us the secret that

oh hang on, my mother may be in the process of kicking my sister out of the house…brb

well, i didn’t really help the problem. i think i’m too blunt in these situations. i basically just made my sister feel really, really bad. oh well, i’ll take what i can get. back to the story!

so homeless guys in amato’s, and they’re telling us how amato’s used to give their day old pizza to the food bank and as a result the food bank stopped giving them (the hobos) rice, or something. i was really more mesmerized by the one guy’s wicked rat-tail! anyways, amato’s is the devil, the government keeps the the hobos down, blah blah blah.

come to think of it, it wasn’t a very exciting evening after all.






4 responses

4 03 2006

compared to what i did last night (watching ultraviolet, hands down the worst movie i have ever seen), your night ruled

i loved the blog on avian flu. haha, awesome analogy—mr. T does rule.

4 03 2006

Wow, Daiquiri are good! Enjoyed the video.

5 03 2006

yeah gls! they’re awesome. check out for their myspace page, and you can hear some more stuff. there’s also a few view videos on

6 03 2006

Ayds Diet.


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