Sunday Post #3 in one of my moods

5 03 2006

yes! just got home from the video store and was able to charm the clerk into giving me the walk the line copy that just came in (ps: FUCK THE OSCARS!!), but, more importantly, i found THIS!!!! omglolomfgomgomgomg!!!!!

i’ll update after i get through these two bad boys. till then…



SO! walk the line was fucking fantastic, and i am now commiting it to memory (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). i was a little worried that phoenix and the white girl would crap up the singing job (how do you top Cash and Carter??), but it was alright. testament that the day Cash died, a legend was lost.

Zombie Honeymoon on the other hand… was…..interesting. basically two people get married, a zombie walks out of the water while they’re on the beach (definitly the coolest part of the movie, and if i ever make a zombie movie, i’ll undoubtedly steal that idea) turning the guy into a zombie…sorta. it’s not the standard transformation (step 1: get bitten step 2: begin eating brains). instead, it’s a slow transformation and he still has partial control for a while. i think the purpose of the movie was that love can overblahblahblah, but i just wanted to see some people getting eaten. good acting. ok effects. overall, a meh.

but you know what isn’t meh! parents. what the fuck is wrong with those people that feel the need to drive their love of their own kids down your throat? ok. love your kids. nurture their talents. beat sense into them (listen. to all you north american parents out there. i dont want to tell you how to raise your kids but….you gotta beat your kids). but don’t talk about ’em like their the cock of the walk and better than other peoples kids. i don’t care if you’re an astro-man (or woman) or a yale-graduated phd, your kids ain’t nothin’ special. now, if Prince had kids. they’d be special. your no Prince, so they ain’t shit. lets look at the math.

Prince = da’ shit!

you are less than Prince


you are less than Shit





4 responses

6 03 2006

you’re even angry on a Sunday – awesome…keep up the good work.

6 03 2006

Zombie movies… probably the best kinds of movies in this wierd and wacky world. Loved the equation too. 😛

6 03 2006

Cash’s San Quinten concert is awesome; they aired it on Much More Music a couple of months ago, I think shortly after “Walk the Line” was released in theatres, no doubt. That concert is amazing.

As for the “Ayds Diet”… genius. I think the funniest part of that commercial is that the early ’80s were the period that awareness of the AIDS disease was just rearing it’s head. For that commercial to exist would mean that those news stories had not started up, and so I wonder how long that drug lasted under that name =)

6 03 2006

Oi; after reading a little bit about Johnny Cash I learned that in an episode of “The Simpsons”, the one where Homer falls asleep at the mini-put and envisions the talking dog, the voice of that dog is Johnny Cash. Crazy.

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