now with more green “pee-ness”!

6 03 2006

NEW SHIT [shit shit]

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looks like a big week, this time ’round. but the news of the week was today’s big announcement:


the first annual Bols’ Lab Spelling BEE!!

come out and support your favorite Bols’ lab personality as they fight for grammatical supremecy! all bets must be placed by thursday, 5pm, however.

followed, and possibly preceeded, by beer drinking at the grad bar.

Be there or be somebody’s fool!!


p.s. watch for tuesda…..wednesday’s special feature on emo!!

p.p.s. green pee-ness

p.p.p.s. it is with great honour that i inform all of you that i have recieved my first viewer from a google search. the term he searched for was “ass of madona“. i can finally say i’ve accomplished something with my life.




2 responses

7 03 2006

Wow, hahaha, someone actually tried to find the ass of Madona. Amazing! The more you know.

7 03 2006

Super friends damn it! Where the hell is the super friends list…damn.

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