“this is so sick!”

8 03 2006

another pointless entry. sit back and enjoy.

i know i’ve been harping alot about music lately, and i want to stop, but damn do i love this song! sorry. last time for awhile, i promise.

ok! here’s the setting: mel’s diner (come on. every city has them. and they’re all pretty much the same). sitting there with a coffee, trying to have a conversation, when i look up and see a goofy hockey player taping up his hockey stick with pink tape (dox, the picture didn’t work. i need to practice my sneaky-photographin’ skillz…). so, he’s standing in front of his family staring at this pink stick and can’t get over it. “man, this is hot! this is so sick!”. he then proceeds to pick up a second stick and tape that one up as well. WTF?! this was so incredibly random. i can believe he didn’t notice my muffled laughter…

i also took in a talk about the NOS enzyme. GOOD LORD was it boring. i can’t stand analytical chemistry. it’s terrible. i think biology has totally taken over my brain. i once went to a hour and a half talk about grizzley bear migration, and loved it because they had pictures from a camera attached to a bear’s head (“and here’s one of a tree….here’s a lake…here our bear is taking a nap (all you see is sky)….an attractive lady-bear enters the picture…well, you know what happens next, so we can’t show you those ones…”), but this one was rotten. the infamous Dr. Palmer was also there and was up to his normal dick-head’ery by pestering the poor presenter with questions. i was so satiated with boredom and confusion over the relevency of what i was listening to, that i couldn’t even get free coffee!!


holy crap. what started off as a joke, is snowballing. we’re thinking of holding it in the grad bar over lunch hour friday, and we’ve had interest from other labs! WTF!? could the Bols’ lab invitational grad student spelling bee, become a reality? i guess only time will tell…

now, for your viewing pleasure, 2 full episodes of a couple of my favorite brit-coms, which you’ll all hate…..bloody poofters!

The Young Ones

The Mighty Boosh





4 responses

8 03 2006

Hahaha, you used poofters because it’s funny. 😀 Well at least in Australia it is.

8 03 2006

The link to the song doesn’t work. This displeases me =(

9 03 2006

works f-to the ine for me. anyone else having problems?

9 03 2006

Works fine for me, maybe you need Quicktime.

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