how can i compete with this guy?

11 03 2006


i can’t even begin to be as funny as this guy. just read his blog while i try to figure out how to make you people laugh again…





5 responses

12 03 2006

Hahaha yeah, this guy is funny. Loved that post about the Bratz doll and Devo 2.0. I mean, Devo 2.0? That’s crazy.

12 03 2006

That guy’s website is pretty cool… notice his use of punctuation and grammar along-side the insanity. Hehe, I couldn’t resist =D

13 03 2006


” Shhhh… You had me at “Hitler with a vagina.” …And please, keep your shirt ON.

man thats good quality blogging

13 03 2006

We want blog, we want blog….

Get off your lazy ass, then sit down again in front of your computer and start bloggin.

22 09 2006
Die, Bratz, die! « Rants of a Sith Lord

[…] zOMG while reading Madona’s post, there was a link to this blog. I must agree with this guy. He is right. Anyone remember that band Devo? Well this guy says there’s a new band called Devo 2.0. Wow, what has this world come to. They still play the same classic songs, but except, the lead singer is replaced by some girl. Yes, some girl. […]

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