monday’s post 2 hours too late…

14 03 2006

yeah, i know it’s tuesday. fuck all y’all…

This week’s Fortune!!

I think i’m finished with big-time rock and roll shows. I went to see Motley Crue on thursday at copps colliseum (fuk speelng). don’t get me wrong, it was pretty awesome and i’m surprised i didn’t lose my voice to the kickstart my heart/ anarchy in the uk encore (also, i was able to get a hottie to show me her breasts! god bless sleazy rock chicks, but i digress), but i’m just fed-up with the whole rock-god, parading around on-stage thing. i’ve seen too many indie shows and had too much fun meeting small-time bands to care how much pyro White Snake can afford! so that’s it. short of the beatles returning to life, i’m off stadium tours.

moving on to current news. i had to work late today, which sucked pretty hard. BUT!! prior leaving the lab (which was really fucking humid and gross today. now, i opened the window to try and cool the place down, but i got yelled at. the argument was that by opening the window when it’s humid outside, will only lead to further increase in the gross factor inside. i contested that the cool breeze would work shit out. any thoughts?) kyle (from iron bitchface; omg) informed me of a little band called THE CHARGE who were playing a last minute show that night. So i got the hell out of the lab and hit “the boathouse” in hobo-infested, victoria park in kitchener. Don’t let the snazzy, over-the-top website fool you, this place has a really cool vibe; ESPECIALLY for kitchener. And Niel Young played there once. That’s class. So i get to the place and…i’ll admit, i had low expectations, turn-out wise. The Charge is a really good band but kitchener’s scene sucks hard. plus, this was a last minute show and only advertised through the bands myspace page. WELLLLLLL!!! boy was i surprised to find the place packed (that’s about 100 kids for those of you keeping track; remember, this is an indy show in fucking kitchener! 100 is incredible!). Not only that, earlier, kids were calling a certain portuguese boy in the middle of his mid-afternoon bubble bath, to ask for directions!….no! not me! Christ. there’s more than one portuguese guy in kitchener!

there’s three. me, lee (in the charge and infamous bubble-bath taker), and his brother (incredibly funny , btw).
A band from montreal called Kamikaze Baby opened. They were ok, from what i heard. Nothing to write a blog post about, but they were nice guys and i got to hang out with them afterward. The one guy looks like a pint-sized dave navaro (i think. the guy married to carmen electra).

So, long story short, i got to be all emo and shit and support the k-w scene cause i’m so fucking scene.


IMPORTANT: i didn’t actually dress like that. i had a great idea for a post and a part of the joke was to dress emo and take a stereotypical emo pic. The fact is, the picture turned out so ridiculously awesome, i forgot what my gag was.  I’m a living joke…




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14 03 2006

funniest piture EVER

14 03 2006

I loved that map. Good representation of the map makers (forgot what they’re called). Looks alot like the coast of Sydney, Australia.

2 09 2006
The Real-life story of: SPIDER-TALK « madona and his friends too

[…] The monday of “March Break” of 2006, and the, now defunct, The Charge played a show in the middle of Victoria Park; in fact, i posted about it the following day. Anyways, one of the stories i left out was the mysterious origin of SPIDERTALK. […]

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