i’d make a good leader

20 03 2006

if i were king or elected leader or fascist overlord, i’d bring back the geisha.

now, i’ve never done much research into what being one entails, and i never saw that memoires of a geisha movie, nor did i read the book. i did however imagine what a geisha’s daily routine would entitle. i imagine it’s very similar to the movie/book. only, less melodrama and more bukkake madness.

anyway, so you take a prostitute. now you get some of those old codgers that worked vaudville acts in the 20’s or 30’s or whenever the hell that stuff was big. and you teach ol’ Candy how to juggle and tell jokes. can you imagine that?!

” so, word from the white house sez that george bush will only have sex with his wife if he’s on top. when asked for a comment, mrs.bush stated that similar to how he runs the U.S., george is only capable of fucking up! HI-O!!”

cue blow job

shoot a ping-pong ball out of the vagina

and we’re done

could there be a more positive female role model!! (i mean, she shaves her ass. that commendable).





8 responses

21 03 2006

Geishas are good… but what about making mango ice-cream a requirement for breakfast?

21 03 2006

i’m down

21 03 2006

You couldn’t afford to be in the presence of a geisha, let alone pay one to sleep with you. And they are NOT prostitutes!

21 03 2006

A> it is true, i probably cannot afford the srvices of a geisha, since i am a grad student and poor.

B>similarily, i could also not afford to pay one to sleep with me, more because they aren’t prostitutes, like you will go on to mention, then the fact that i don’t have the money to do so. interestingly, you setup your response in such a way that the less expensive practice (being in the presence of a geisha) precedes the more expensive, although non-exsistent, practice (paying for sex), and yet you still use the phrase “let alone…”. for future reference, it is more effective to place the more expensive practice first.

here’s an example:
Johnny cannot afford a car, let alone the gasoline to power it.

C> it is generally considered bad grammer to start a sentence with “and”. it is possible, but difficult. you may think to replace it with “Also” or “Additionally”.

D>it was a joke. i know they aren’t prostitutes.

E>but if they were, would it really matter? i don’t think it would.


21 03 2006

Oh snap!

You got served!!!!!

Now off you go to suck your thumb, turn off the lights, put on a little ‘fall out boy’, or whatever Emo band is big now with the kids, and contimplate why life sucks so very much
(here’s a clue: It’s not so much life, as it is the fact theat your probably a douche).

Oh, and the 2nd half of that blog? pretty freakin random, not even a segway into that.

21 03 2006

I have a question that maybe only you with your scientific reasoning can fully explain. Why is it that all the losers, jackasses and douchebags are getting all the hot rich ladies.?Example: Kevin federline (douchebag) married to Britney Spears, she is filthy rich and pretty damn hot. yet all the university students will be stuck in school for years to finally get a job and spend the next ten years paying off their student debts, and we don’t even get a stripper for graduation. Also will drugs really help ease the pain and suffering of this truth? Or is it just vietnamese coffee that does that?

21 03 2006

This looks like a job for my crack team of scientists!!!


23 03 2006

Well, I can’t wait for this next installment.

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