i think i’m allergic to life

23 03 2006

oooooo! so yesterday i was super sick, but in the afternoon i felt fine. i thought it was due to my diet of pepperoni, but my “bad-meat” woes, i thought, weren’t anything to worry about. until i woke up this morning….chills, nausea; all the fun stuff. i think i actually died for a few minutes. i rose from the dead 3 minutes later however, but didn’t feel any better (or less blasphemous).

anyway, since i don’t see any comedy coming out of me today (trust me. that’s about the only thing that isn’t…), i present to you a couple of interesting links.

Couch.com is a site that i found 6 months ago or so, and to this day, can’t figure out what the hell this group actually does. it did, however, provide me with the desktop image i have been using for this time period. enjoy!

then, there is ZOMBOCOM. there is no explanation. only doing.





7 responses

23 03 2006

ROFL, I like that couch.com site. And yes, I really don’t know what they do.

24 03 2006
Qwerty Maniac

zombo is the longest standing useless site is it ?

25 03 2006

it’s not useless! you can do anything at Zombocom!!

p.s. it’s from the dot.com boom of the 90’s. it’s more of a satire of the times.


25 03 2006

What is it’s purpose? There must be some kind of message or something.

27 03 2006

no. not really. apparently back then alot of “companies” would make these snazzy sites that promised all these things the companies would do, but the company would die before they did anything, leaving the website behind.

5 04 2006
Qwerty Maniac

that parody site http://www.obmoz.com is even more hillarious 😆

6 04 2006

haha! awesome, i love it!

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