P for Pretty Good

27 03 2006

so i went to see V for Vendetta today.

First off, BOOM!, natalie portman is gorgeous. she looks ok with a shaved head (really, that's all you can hope for. i like my girls hairy! err, at least on their heads….oh boy, this post is going downhill…) and she's got a great set of legs. 

now. first impression of the movie: fantastic. i'm a big fan of the source material, and i was worried cause i heard they changed quite a bit for the movie and that the main author, the crazzily-hairy (and crazy) Alan Moore, had nothing to do with it. OF COURSE, he hates everyone and hates hollywood even more, and i can't say i blame him, but that's another story. anyway, lots of good symbolism, sweet knife-ing action shots, great pacing, and good acting. aces all round.

 my "i've had a few hours to think about it" opinion: pretty good, and here's why. the book really emphasized (and this is going from memory, so i hope i'm not wrong) the importance of the idea of anarchy in it's proper form. that is, the politcal philosophy of an exsistence of self-governance whereby meaningful interaction with other individuals is encouraged based on self-determination, and mutual aid and is always voluntary. NOT nihilism, chaos, violence and terror (or punk rock and peircings, for that matter; although there are exceptions to this. The Crass is a "famous" example of anarchist-punk done right, but i'm not a big fan of them). The hollywood verison focuses a little too hard on the explosions and rioting in my opinion(the robber that yells "anarky in the UK" and the "God save the Queen" poster both alluding to, the most overrated band of all time, the sex pistols, prove the inclination to nihilistic-misunderstanding of anarchism). but, i could just be reading too much into that. regardless, a really great movie.

now, for all the actual philosophers, i apoligize about my probably incorrect ramblings on anarchism. i've only been really interested into learning about it for the past year or so, so give me a break. i'm learning.

and, just to make my quota for the day: ass fuck pussy titties.

that aughta do'er.





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4 04 2006

super sexy french girl

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