you monsters! that kid is going to die of disease!!

29 03 2006

monday night i went a little mad making a powerpoint presentation for my virologyclass. it was about the deadly Machupo virus that's caused by contact with mice, in bolivia. I made it pretty retarded, but my climax was on the slide about it's pathogenicity. Basically i pumped the fact that the mice are the major problem and anyone who comes into extended contact with an infected mouse would surely get the disease (symptoms: imagine ebola) and assuredly (remember, you can't spell assuredly with out a little ass!) die. i was surprised that everyone was as twisted as me, cause they found the picture i had with my info pretty hillarious; good thing i didn't take it too far! I also was able to sneak in a picture of a farmer yelling "hey! stop eating my nuts!!" to a mouse in portuguese. it's the little things that make life worth living, you know.

during the day i saw a jr high bike gang.  why am i not allowed to carry a big dowel just to smash some sense into idiots like this? i'd really excell in a position like that.

LOOK KIDS!  It's your favorite heroine addict, Ewen McGregor!! Awesome Power!!

next week looks like a big one. capoeira show. stress caused by having a capoeira show. plus! i may be going to see Horse, The Band!! They're pioneers in the Nintendocore circuit (which doesn't say much cause pretty much everyother nintendocore band sucks). but they're trying to become a real band now, so they suck. 

in conclusion, i am now in love with natalie portman

the end


p.s. here, now YOU can have a GPS antenna on your everything!! 




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29 03 2006

Natalie Portman… have you see her in Star Wars Episode I and II?

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