don’t see day of the dead 2: contagion

30 03 2006


this movie was so bad. i mean, day of the dead was pretty shitty. but this is that minus George Romero. zombie take days to turn, they run, they talk; just really bad. If you're planning to make a zombie film please be sure to not break these three cardinal rules of zombie. NOTE: the two exception to the running/talking rules are the remake of Dawn of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead. Those movie were both awesome.

Of course, you should also go back and watch the original Night of the Living Dead from '68(ish). It remains the scariest thing i have ever seen in my life.

Today, i also stopped to reminisce about the 80's a bit (come on. i drive to/from toronto like 3 times a week. you can only look at the same scenery so  many times before your mind starts to wander!). And i came back to my favorite Atari 2600 game, Journey's Escape. Based on the the album, it was utter garbage, but the theme song was a midi version of Don't Stop Beleivin'. and that song is so fucking good. I don't really have anywhere to take this… the game and you'll see! <note: download the file, then the z26 emulator on the site; double click on journey escape, choose the z26 as the program to run it with, your controls will be f1 to start then ctrl to start then the arrows to move. you have to try to get to the yellow thing that looks like a peace sign (apparently that's Journey's spaceship), but don't worry you'll never get that far anyway…also, this is a ridiculous amount of work just to play a shitty game. i hat efucking wordpress, they only let me upload pictures. they're like nazis, really.

p.s. it is now, apparently peanut butter and jelly time 




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