hey, is that bacteriophage inside those tetrahymena?

30 03 2006

YES IT IS!!!!!!





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31 03 2006

Haha; congratulations bro’, I know you’ve been working at that for some time =D

31 03 2006

Congratz son.

31 03 2006

wow, i’m soo clueless, i’ll add my congrats, but im also goin to be honest, i dont have a clue what im congratulating you on. But congrats none-the-less.

By the way, way to not show up to class tonight! It ended up being an Ace Malcolm preivate lesson!

1 04 2006
Mortimer K. Hoffmeister

Interesting results.


4 04 2006

wicked i know what it is…

so really, its some kind of bus right?

4 04 2006

actually it’s a baked good designed to have coins beaked into it, so when you bite into the cookie, the coins fall out and a little blast of anti-tartar gas gets blown onto your teeth, while playing the tune from sanford and son. it’ll be big in Malaysia next spring.

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