All Your Base Are Belong To Us CHALLENGE!!

3 04 2006

It's no Zero Wing, but starting right now the R-Type challenge is on!!

WTF??: First make sure you have Java 1.5 on your browser, then play R-Type till your brain melts and begins dripping out of your nose. Post your highscore here by MONDAY APRIL 10!!!

I think the time spent playing this much awesome should be prize enough.


P.S. incase you were thinking that all grad students do all day is screw around online, drink coffee, and go for walks, your wrong…we also read webcomics about other grad students




4 responses

3 04 2006

fuck! this game fuckin’ cheats!

4 04 2006

I’m gonna play it! I guess I get to cheat, as I’m in the souther hemisphere, so I get an extra day. 😛

4 04 2006

Wtf, I can’t even get past the first level. The bit where there’s this rotating thing and I don’t know what I’m exactly supposed to do.

4 04 2006

shoot the blue thing

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