bored bored bored

5 04 2006


man, what a day.

i got to the lab early, all set to carry on strong after the weekend's big find with the virus-labelling. i managed to start an important experiment that'll finish off this part of my master's project and will allow me to finally get all this info ready to be submitted to a scientific journal. alot of waiting in between each step though, so i got to play alot of R-type. 44,000!! wOOOOO!!! i have a feeling noone else is really a)reading this crap anymore or b)playing r-type.

then it was lunch time. lab trip to all-you-can-eat indian. it was delicious.

when i got back it was time to fire up the fluorescent microscope for some picture takin', when, guess what!, TOTAL FAILURE! in classic science-fashion, the huge experiment works like a dream the first time, but not the second…or the second or third, for that matter. so i'll have to go back tomorrow and just give'r till i can get that damn thing to work!

this left me in a pretty moody…mood, and i just brooded for a while. then i checked out some of the old bookmarks i have cluttering up my firefox bookmark tab. a ton of intro anarchism info from a year or so back. i really hate how caught up in jargon anarchist resources are. eventually i learned about post-left anarchism, and i have to say, it really reknewed my interest in it. i'll have to do some reading again!

->the funny thing is the comments, not the video

you know. what the fuck is wrong, people?! killing people because of your/their religious beleifs?? i tell ya, if there's a heaven, i'm sure whoever is taking tickets is going to take one look at a suicide bomber/this idiots equivalent from any other religion and just start laughing. then they'll be reborn as a glue stick or hemerroid cushion or something. come on people! you really think jesus walked on water?!?!

 if anything should be killing people, it's deadly viruses! that way scientists (ahem) will be assured a job in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. creating vaccines, and sticky notes and such.

i tell ya, this retrocore thing is great.


 why is this series not on dvd!?!?!

 milk is evil




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5 04 2006

oh man, the mario bros 2. video in my opinion, best video ever.

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