whoa, whoa, whoa…what?

6 04 2006

The word of the day:

Fellatiate: vb. to carry out the act of fellatio.

Most of my day in the lab went shitty. stuff isn't working, but i think it's because i'm being forced to reuse these concentraters (don't worry about it) until we get more in. i put in an express order, so things should be ok in a couple days. i'm was worried that my supervisor was getting pissed off at me because i keep asking him a question, but then just leaving mid-sentence because my mind wanders on to something. i think i'm losing my mind. but on the way out of the lab, my supervisor stops me and sez "hey, what do you think of this?" he then proceedes to shows me an ad for a protistology conference in lisbon (Portugal, duh) at the end of june, and asks me if i want to go to that one, or an eco-toxicology one in jasper, alberta (canada, duh). so, i manage to hold my composure and not immediatly drop to my knees to fellatiate the man right then and there, and say, "well, i'd like to go to that one, but which do you think i could do the most damage at?" he said he'll get back to me. this is a possible, but may be unlikely, free trip to lisbon. i'm excited.

this summer could potentially be the greatest summer ever experienced on the planet earth.

  • June)free trip to portugal
  • July)being Iron Bitchface's roadie as they tour the eastern US
  • August)playing a week of capoeira shows at a cultural festival in winnipeg

from there, it was off to london with a car full of k-town scenesters. on the way, i had a discussion with kyle from IBF about touring (sparked by us passing a husky truck-stop on the highway-soon to be our home-away-from-home) and i made the suggestion that will undoubtedly shape the entire trip: CB RADIO.

now, my dad is a truck driver and, in my entire life, i have only had the privelige of being on the road with him once. in those few hours, i learned more dirty words and racy jokes than in the rest of my combined years. so be prepared for posts full of trucker humour when i get back! all i need now is a good callsign….

incidently, Horse,theband were pretty good, but the rest of the show was pretty lackluster. it did result in the quote of the day, made by my buddy:

"i think i saw the same guy in there like 60 times, but it wasn't the same guy. that's not good!…unless you're undercover….and you shouldn't have to guess the gender!!"

ok. maybe you had to be there…

anyway, on the way home, i heard……FABIO: ON FILMS!!!! That's right, straight from the 40 year old woman's masturbatory aid known as FABIO AFTER DARK, i got to listen to some of the funniest audio ever recorded. You can hear most of the funny stuff here, but i think i'm going to have to find and dl this just to laugh. Honestly, the cure for cancer has been found, and it is Fabio!! 

one last thing. Curioso, i couldn't find a great Bayou Billy (sucks) remix, but this should more than make up for it. Sex and sun. smokin hotties………





2 responses

6 04 2006

Well, i am disapointed in the lack of a bayou billy remix, perhaps if ther was a wrath of black manta one?

Oh and the CB thing sounds freakin brillian, that should provide months of blog-worthy stories!!

6 04 2006

hahahaah just watche dhtat video!!!

the kicker is the electric guitaring skipper!

where do u find this crap man?

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