the latest

17 04 2006


here is the latest. the IBF summer easter U.S. tour may be called the "Marcel is a Scientist Tour" and may feature a "take a picture with a scientist for a dollar" booth, which would inevidably become the "kiss a scientist" booth after a few beers. more detail when available…

on a related note, i am sure that i met Sam Roberts on saturday HOWEVER the circumstances and location makes me 99.9765% sure that it was not Sam Roberts. Woodstock, Ontario->iron bitchface show->he wanted to buy a youth small ibf shirt, but it didn't fit him. But hey!, "i met sam roberts on saturday!" sounds alot better than "i met some white guy with a beard on saturday!" Now i know what you're say; "who the hell is sam roberts anyway?" and here's my answer to you, my good idiot, "who cares, he's no Bowie!"

there's not much else to say after that. i've been relativly speechless after i heard about the tour info. i'll tell you one thing, though. that idea is KA-BLAMO!!


p.s. i had my virology exam today, so i should be able to get on those ask a scientist questions from a month back…. 




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