so what, you went to med school to write prescriptions? cause i could have done that myself, you know

18 04 2006

first off, here's tonights theme song. better turn those lights on, malcolm. it's a little creepy!

today i got my second, and final hepatitis a (HAV) vaccination.

HAV is a member of the Picornaviridae virus family, is a naked (not-enveloped), (+) RNA virus and has an icosahedral capsid. Here's a micrograph. Like all hepatitis' (including Hepatitis B, which we all know is a real bad rap!), HAV infects the liver, where it can cause a number of symptoms including jaundice, nausea, vomiting, and dark urine. Only 3 out 4 patients will exhibit symptoms, however. It is transmitted from person-to-person by contact with feacally-contaminated material. There is no cure, however it has a low mortality rate (4 out of 1000 according to the CDC). Additionally there is a vaccine which is a two-dose, inactivated virus WATCH OUT!! IT'S JASON VORHEES!!!!! vaccine (produced by adding formalin to live virus after growing it in human fibroblast cell culture).

so i'm sitting in the doctor's office and he hands me a prescription and says i've got to pick up the vaccine from the pharmacy, then come back. wtf?? why the hell did i make an appointment if i now i've got to do all this freakin' leg work! so i walk to the campus pharmacy where i find out they're out of the stuff and that i'll have to walk to the other side of campus to another pharmacy to try my luck. great. once i finally get this crap, i now have to make it back to health services before the heat cooks the vaccine. honestly, i should have picked up a needle at this pharmacy (i'm sure if i claimed i was a heroin-addict i could have gotten the needle for free), went back to my lab and injected it myself; i'm sure it's not too hard. i could have kept some and could culture some more of that stuff! a little black-market hepatitis a vaccines, anyone? anyways, back to health services where they stick me and charge me ten bucks for the adventure. fuck! how stupid is that.

on an unrelated note, wouldn't it be weird if instead of being colour-blind, you were blind to other things? like aluminum. so you'd look at a pop can and just see the liquid in can-form? or skin. when you looked at people, you'd just see all the muscles and tendons and shit. that'd be weird.





5 responses

19 04 2006

OMFG that video is funny. >_> šŸ˜†

19 04 2006

That was by far your best article yet man; that story was hilarious!

19 04 2006

Ummh, if you could see the liquid inside the can and through people;s skin, wouldn;t that be a form of X-ray vision? You know I’m no scientist or anything but when you’re colourblind you just don’t see that clour so, for example, you wouldn’t see anthing inside a container of the colour you’re colourblind to, if that makes any sense. I’m pretty sure you were talking about some form of X-ray vision. But, then again I’ve had zero caffine today, what the hell do i know?

22 04 2006

x-ray vision would only allow you to see very dense material, like bone or metal plates. i imagined this more of “not being able to see a certain type of complex material” vision

27 04 2006


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