Internet Control

22 04 2006

Please go here and read it.

It may be important.




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23 04 2006
Alexander DeSouza

I don’t think that individual’s article is cause for any amount of worry. The same sort of issue arose regarding telephone service in the 1920’s when AT&T petitioned the government to allow for preferred service to telephone customers, however the United States Congress decided that “big business” (as so many who dislike the corporate world like to call it) had no right to prefrentially treat customers based on how much they could afford.

Furthermore, when the internet went public roughly a decade ago the chairman of the F.C.C. declareed that equitable bandwidth for all was a necessity for the successful integration of the internet into society and for the internet to become the integral medium it has become today. The inclusion of such constraints now would be detrimental to the internet and I believe that it would unequivocally damage the economy through which so much money is invested into the country.

Regulation is something that dozens of organizations have been vying for, in one form or another, since the creation of the internet; but such restrictions would have impact around the world and that is not something the United States can afford to accomodate.

25 04 2006

god, i hope you’re right alex. but then again, they did give up alot of civil right in that whole homeland security law…

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