new beginnings

25 04 2006

as i settle into my new life without many old friends/love interests i bring to you the herald of the apocalypse new generation!!


             the evil, half-brother of






4 responses

26 04 2006
Alexander DeSouza

Wow… I can’t believe you’re listening to Ninja High School…

26 04 2006

Hahaha, those are some kickass swords.

26 04 2006

you know ninja high school??

26 04 2006
Alexander DeSouza

Damn straight I know Ninja High School, I keep my ear on the Toronto underground scene as much as any other university student does… well, I don’t know if that means anything, but I meant it to imply that I pay quite a bit of attention to the scene. Anywho; I’ve heard of them, but from what I’ve heard, yowie, I love my ears and won’t be subjecting them to NHS again anytime soon.

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