$75? That’s a good price for a smoking camel!

26 04 2006

ok, let's see if i can get this to work…

didn't work. click on the pic for a cool montage of footage from a movie that was banned in most North America (and europe, i think) since it came out (in the '30s) till a couple years ago. also, if anyone know's how to embed youtube videos in these damn blogs, i'd be very happy!

Food time!





3 responses

28 04 2006

All you need to do is get the URL of the and then embed it with a special tag. Eg.

Hope that helps. šŸ™‚ And that is a tasty burger indeed.

9 08 2006

Here are some links that I believe will be interested

18 01 2007
Jane Lawrence

Google is the best search engine

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