“he’s tough as an old boot”

29 04 2006

fuck! Chelsea kicked Man. U's ass!!!

but the biggest upset looks to be Rooney's injury late in the second half. I'd be lieing if i said i have an ounce of respect for the English national team, but that Rooney is pretty awesome. Here's hoping he can make it to the World Cup.

Not like it matters really, since Brazil is going to destroy everyone.

This week's quote of the week (Jamal, i can't remember last weeks. if you can remember it, post it), goes as follows…

The setting is Mel's diner around lunch time, as the Bols' lab team is having lunch. Some of the schmucks in the lab are going to be doing some sort of collaboration with UW's newest nanotech profs, with carbon nanotubes.

Dr.Bols: "hey, so what we're going to be doing is something that Dr.Tan talks about in her paper as 'nano penetration', now i know it's sounds more like i'm talking about my sex-life but…."

needless to say, this is the man who i strive to become more like.





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