four days of intensity and buffets!

14 05 2006

as some of you know, kyle from ibf, had his wedding on saturday. firstly, i'd like to say supercongrats to him and his wife. i look forward to getting him in trouble with his wife for many years to come. now, on with the recounting of weekends events.

DISCLAIMER: the following is not neccessarily funny, or crazy. scroll down to the *'s to get to some cool vids! 

last weekend i was asked if i would be down with a secret bachlor party in niagra falls, by the best man. i, of course said yes and all week i coasted through, fooling around worked very hard since i probably end up leaving early thurs. and coming in late fri. So thursday night rolled around and we crammed as many people as we could into my car and hightailed it to niagra. by the time we got there, ~9pm, most of the city was closed. apparently thursday nights are a big draw in niagra…nothing a quick trip to the liquor store won't fix, though. from there we roamed the streets, went to a haunted house (amazing how paranoid alcohol can make some), then decided to pass by the falls. one word: mist. as in, the previously pretty fine weather mutated into a wall of water from the falls. while walking around the area we found what could only be described as "the secret entrance to Dracula's castle" complete with spotlights and raccoon guards! after finishing our drinks, it was off to the casino to get into trouble. from there things get pretty blurry. i do remember sitting in the casino fountain and getting dirty looks from some yuppie poker player, and trying to get a NIAGRA FALLS 2006!! (i was there!) tatoo, but thats it. next day we walked around looking for a buffet that offered both french toast AND belgian waffles to give our tastebuds a little orgy of delicious, and after finding said place of carbohydrate-delight, it was off to Ripley's Believe it or not, where we spent the better part of two hours fooling around. by this time, about 4pm, we realized that we had to be back in kitchener for a wedding rehersal in an hour. so, leaving any hope of doing science that day behind, we hightailed it back to k-town. with the help of the Beastie Boys on the radio we made it on time! oddly, now that i think of it, i can't remember the rehersal at all. i know that we were there and did SOMETHING, but i'll be damned if i can remember it. oh well.

saturday: 730am. since the wedding is small-scale (very alien to my portuguese extravaganza-of-a-day style wedding, that im used to) so alot of our friends are needed to help get everything at the reception hall setup before show time. i pick up the groom and best man as we all head off to the hall, full to the brim of delicious coffee and pumpin Appetite for Destruction (YEAH!!!). Luckily, i get to drive around kitchener picking up last minute stuff with the groom instead of doing any heavy lifting. finding 35 2-litre bottles of water, in fancy glass bottles (among other things), turns out to be much harder than expected however, but 2 and 1/2 hours (and two complete listen-throughs of Appetite (YEAH!!!)) later and we all ready, reception-wise but now we've gots to get dressed! 

after getting all of our respective shit together, off to the ceremony. once again, Appetite remained the soundtrack of the day (YEAH!!!). blah blah wedding blah pictures blah blah drive to reception blah more Appetite blah blah (YEAH!!!). so, T-minus 10 minutes to kickoff, when HOLY SHIT we forgot two cases of drinks at the house! i wish i could have seen the best man and myself running out the door, to my car, and slidding across the hood of my car, like you see in the movies. but i imagine it was teh awes0me. so, a MADDDash to pick up the drinks, and a little more Appetite listenin' later, and everything is A-OK.

There's more to the story, of course (making punch in a couple of buckets, father-of-the-bride insulting the groom and all of us in his speech, sitting at the same table as MYSTERION!!, etc) but i've gone on too much already. needless to say, the day went great and im super happy for my bud and his new ball and chain wife! 


here is a little diddy i just found that is quite spectactular. It's a short film, inspired by Blake's coolest poem. It's really awesome and highly recommend watching it a couple times, and of course re-aquainting yourself with the source material. 

finally, you may notice a new addition to the links: The Skeletor Show. I just found this prior to writing and have to say, if you're a big dork and loved He-man as a kid, be sure to watch it. HILLARIOUS. it's standard "dub-old-cartoons" fare, but still great. Here's the first episode and check the link at the side for more!





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