you know what,

17 05 2006

it's link day!

thanks to curi for this one

this was referenced the other day by my buddy

found this yesterday. pretty funny. i'll have to check out his site…

blues break!

awesome artsy-fartsy thing

greatest interview ever. note:as with all GWAR related material, NSFW!!!

…to be continued in the comments section…




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17 05 2006

two things i’ve learned in the last hour:
a) BBQs are delicious
b)how to write an actually enjoyable music review. although i disagree with him about the whole “shaved vagina” thing.

17 05 2006
17 05 2006
17 05 2006


joe rogan, you've won my heart! funny FUNNY stuff

snakes on a plane: crap? probably. amazingly awesome? CERTAINLY!!

old school video game sounds+some guy and his computer=nullsleep


finally link day cant be link day without a stupid link video

curioso, click here!!——->hewfbkeb

18 01 2007
Chris Brazier

Google is the best search engine

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