in familiar territory

23 05 2006

Part 1:

crap! because i was lazy and didn't come in on the holiday monday, i've got to go in to the lab at 4am! i've taken off early so i can prepare and try to get some sleep. be back for updates….lots! of updates…

Part 2:

Oh sweet Jesus. Incidently, the best 15 minutes of your life will occur just after waking up a minute before your 3am alarm and deciding 3:15am still gives you enough time to get ready. i'm prepared as i can be. in another 5 minutes, i'll have already had 2 coffees since getting up, i have my mp3 player (loaded with micheal jackson's thriller, prince's batman album, run dmc's greatest hits), camera phone, dvds of pee-wee's playhouse season 1, and sarcasm… now for the drive….

Part 3:

unbelievable. i think i spilt like 100ml of coffee on my crotch on the drive here (Jerry, i swear to god its coffee). oh man. only the Thriller can save me now…

Part 4:

yup. that did it alright.

Part 5:

ok. everythings all setup. now i coast for a couple hours before i need to start getting things ready. that mean surfing the web, watching pee-wee, and eating the peanut butter and nutella sandwich. i know mixing these two megapowers is like pitting the bears against the bulls, but its delicious. i'll also be playing this because its hard, got awesome music and let's face it, bullet bill is cool.

also, youtube seems to be down, but once its back up you can expect a video of Bob Swerski's Quiz Masters.

Part 6:

man, im really tired.

anyways, i cant seem to find the video i wanted. it was an old SNL skit where it was a quiz show, obviously, with the guys that talked about "da bears", you know the ones, and the last question was something like "who would win between the bulls and the bears" and the answer was crazily-awesome, something along the lines of "pitting two such forces of nature would tear the world apart in a clash of epic proportions." ahh, the good old days, when SNL was funny. additionally, how have i gone 23 years without ever realizing the all-encomopassing radness of ZAPP!

here's an analogy.

5134 years ago, God created the heavens and the earth and all the animals (except dinosaurs), and a bunch of bones that he threw underground to fool the heathen-devil worshipping scientists into believing in dinosaurs (leading them to question special creation, thus condemning them all to hell: i mean, fuck the whole 'curing diseases' thing. "God didnt create the universe? To hell with you!") and electro-funk. then he knocked up a human woman and out popped JC, the Bethlahemian sensation. SO!, jesus christ loved electro-funk, and if he decided to create an electro-funk album, it would top the charts for like 16-weeks then be knocked off by these guys! THEYRE THAT GOOD!!

speaking of jesus, i went to see the DaVinci Code the other day. I admit, i havent read the whole book, so i wasnt sure what to expect, but the reviews have not been kind (but bullocks to reviews, i always say). i have to say though, i thought it was really good. now, keep in mind, i was raised a catholic, but hardly consider myself one thesedays. and one of the other guys there seemed pretty hardcore christian, and he wasnt very impressed, but i always thought that questioning your faith is integral, because if you still believe in something after trying to pick it apart, then your faith would only be that much stronger, right?

then again, i believe in dinosaurs, so i'll see you all in hell.

Part 7:

man! how freakin sweet would it be if this site worked! unfortunatly, it keeps giving me an error when i try to use it…

also, one step closer

and, it's tricky to rock a rhyme

Part 8:

i just found this dumb thing where you answer these questions and the thing tells you what kind of dog breed best suits your answers (and, i guess, your personality). now i cant tell you what kind of dog i was, cause it looked like a queer, BUT they were mutha fuckin VIKING DOGS!!!! so take that! here's the link (you've got to click on the "game" tab at the right (no man, your other right!) and you need flash)

Part 9:

one of my guilty pleasures has been black metal for a good while now. although i'm not exactly a fan of Lordi, because they coin the term "a-rock-ageddon" they deserve respect. they also won some kind of contest in europe. whatever

also, i answered an ask a scientist question. half-assedly, i might add!

Part 12:

here's a picture of some guy i dont know, wearing a shirt i never would, but it is pretty cool. perfect strangers was a really good show.

Part 13:

hahaha! i totally missed parts 10-11! wow. no way im making it to TO tonihgt




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