31 05 2006

so i guess yesterday was a pretty slow news day. yesterday i was asked a couple questions by a K-W Record, the local newpaper here, about what i thought about the student union rallying against the UW bean counters, as the late-night Tim Horton's is in threat of closing as the sun goes down. Frankly, i don't really care. If i'm here late, there will be coffee around somewhere. I, of course, told said reporter everything she wanted to hear ("oh yeah, coffee! need the timmy's fix cause i'm here till 9 or 10 at night everyday instead of watchin the leafers at home, eh"), but thats not important. What is important is this little quote from the article:

[in regards to Tim Horton's being closed early]

"there's 24-hour coffee for sale at the turnkey desk in the Student Life Centre.

But students say there's a principle at stake."

Horseshit!! The principle?! what, do you own stock in the company? Does Tim Horton revenue go to curing AIDS in africa? Fuck you! The only reason why students are saying its "principle" is because Tim Horton's marketing has made the canadian coffee-superpower (american-owned, no less) so much a part of your beer-chugging, beaver-loving canadian nationalistic pride, that you feel obligated to faithfully follow the brand wherever it goes, regardless of cheaper, better coffee still being available if the all-night TH were to close.  


i hate people

Mad (indeed) 




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