Happy 6/6/6 :)

6 06 2006

so, of course a little while ago it was announced that the ACTUAL number of the beast is 6/1/6 due to an age-old translation error when the english first re-wrote,uhm i mean "translated"…the Bible. but tell that to those hairy, heavy metal neanderthals (j/k, i was of course, one of you once). So, without further adieu, a couple vids to make the day a bit grimmer!

Black No. 1 by Type O Negative.

A classic. a tongue-n-cheek little ditty about black number 1, the hair dye that the gothic people dye their curly locks to (as an aside, for the week that i dyed my hair black, it was black number 2. im just not true enough for black no.1).

Also, because its required listening material.

Angel of Death – Slayer

i'm not going to lie to you, ive outgrown this and i dont dig the heavy duty metal anymore, moving more toward punk/hardcore, but this is for all my black metal friends (make sure you click on the song of that name in the list to get the joke)





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