if life gives you a box of lemons, should you make that much lemonaid?

6 06 2006

my mother brought home a box of lemons the other day.

she's been baking lemon-tasting thins since then, but the bushel doesn't seem to be decreasing nearly fast enough.

after being influenced by some of the capoeira boyz (thats right. i spelt it with a z), i finally cracked and decided to make lemonaid. there are rules however,

1. i am limited in the amount of lemonaid i make, by the length of Prince's Purple Rain album. Once the last song is over. its tasting time.

2. apparently, my mom baking like a fiend has left the house sugar free. so no sugar allowed. sugar may be supplemented with orange juice (must be freshly squeezed) or, in the unlikely event that not even orange juice can compensate for the sourness of my, inevidable, jug of swill, the nearly over-ripe tangerine may be used.

so, after writing all the secret messages i could handle (note: evidently, i suck at doing these. 17 points if you can make out what i wrote), i was off.

this lead me to my first big discovery. you know those glass things you use to juice oranges, like back in the day when you still did that. ours. gone, years ago. time to roll up the sleeves and squeeze these lemons like a man!

4 lemons, 3 oranges, and 2 tangerenes later, and the last note of Purple Rain has been played. But, is it good?

Honestly, as a self-respecting Microbiology grad student, i cannot in good conscience (or however you spell that word) taste that. I, afterall, know where it has been!

Ok. i cracked. Not bad. Not good, mind you, but i can at least sucker some members of my family into trying it. I did start making it at like 10 mins to midnight. yup, nothing sez weirdo like making fruity, summer time drinks at midnight, on a monday night, while listening to Purple Rain, after driving home from toronto.


p.s. if you live in the Toronto area, check out the new Now magazine. We're in it! (the picture is also on Jerry's blog. go there or go…square?) 




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8 06 2006

No sugar! NO WAI!

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