so much to do

7 06 2006

first off, im going to change my mind. i dont hate people. i hate the world we live in; where a handful of fanatic figureheads can convince scores of people that killing others in the name of politics, religion, etc is the right thing to do. the terrorist fiasco in Toronto furthers my hatred of what our society is becoming and hearing experts talking about how many terrorist groups portray Canada's multiculturalism as a weakness to be exploited, turns my stomach. where are the giant space-ant invaders from alpha centauri?, come to overthrow our governments and send us into a golden age of participating in intergalactic space sporting event (Milky Way Cup?), befriending beeping robots, and getting an excellent 90cents canadian to the space buck! (space bucks would be colourful and hologrammy and teflon coated, because space travel can be messy business). i, for one, welcome our intergalactic overlords!

but i digress

so much to do! here are the numbers:

10 days till i leave for Portugal

13 days till i have to be at a conference in Portugal

1 day till my 9 day homage to Purple Rain (oh, thats right)

5 days till i defend my M.Sc. proposal

3 days till Portugal's first world cup match

$0.90 CAD – $1 Spacebuck

-1 days since IRON BITCHFACE CD release party

so yesterday was the big cd release bash. 3 band on the bill: The Charge, Ninja High School, and Weezer.

The Charge were great and put on pretty much a joke set. Starting it of with a little a hammy "air band" The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden, before Brad had a quick costume change a they became K-Ws premiere homosexual band (??haha! so random). From there, NHS took stage. I cannot express to you in words how awesome they are live. The whole troupe (i beleive 45 members in total) made the trip from Toronto, and they were just an orgy of energism (yup. thats a new word). so good. of course, not many people showed up, cause it was tuesday and an IBF show, but all the regulars/our friends were there so it was a good time. also, this one girl in highschool that i see at every show, was there in uniform, supporting the theory that catholic school girls do, in fact, rule (god, 5 years spent around them back in the day but i still got a thing for them).

anyways, K-rot was RIDICULOUSLY drunk by the time IBF (in, rare, 3-piece mode with Dr. Crud (Alex, that's Jon Delaire coincidently) on drums). Unfortunatly the sound guy was a tard and the samples they were using wouldn't work, so they played the set like a real band. Regardless, pure awesome. Hillarious banter. All your top 10 IBF hits.  

Also, as K-rot's first show back after his honeymoon, getting slobberingly drunk may not have been a hit with the wife. Have fun in the doghouse, big guy đŸ™‚

ahhh. ok, im going to listen to some statutory apes till i get sleepy







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