1. Let’s Go Crazy

9 06 2006

that's right! it begins today!

while every other blog in the known blogiverse comments on the world cup, i'm going to begin the 9 day exposure of Prince's magnum opus: Purple Rain

released in 1984, PR was designed by Prince as an album of mega-hits to pump his movie Purple Rain. What he may not have planned on was the lasting effects PR, both album and film, would have on music, movies, fashion, etc.

The first track, Let's Go Crazy, flows from organ solo to hard rock opera, with the central theme to generally enjoy life. It hit #1 on the Billboard charts in 1984, but those k-razy k-oreans didn't seem to be fans, as it was banned in south korea on its release.

Mre importantly, Erotic City was the B-side on the single (the second single from the album), which just may be my favorite Prince song ever, thanks in part to a heaping dose of George Clinton-atude!! Dig?





2 responses

9 06 2006

So you’re portuguese-ness and general sanity is a question. Why wouldn’t you comment on the world cup!? It’s 31 days of REAL Sporting action!!! Sure the net is oversaturated with idiots commenting on the games, but your opinion is that of a portuguese Male, the most important opinion there is in regards to soccer (the more of us that speak, the more we counter act our greasy Italian counter-parts).

I think you should do a prince/World Cup Hybrid Blog, I mean that IS if you’re actually portuguese, and not a greasy Italian….

10 06 2006

What’s really weird is that when you’re going about Prince’s Purple Rain, my friend borrows the CD. Weird.

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