3. The Beautiful Ones

11 06 2006

The Beautiful Ones is generally the song most people forget from Purple Rain. In the movie, I think it's played when The Kid finds out Apollonia is working for Morris Day, but it's been a while since i've seen it last, so i could be wrong. It's kind of your standard "lost love" ballad until right near the end of the song, when Prince really gives'r and not a listener alive can help but find themselves clenching their fist and screaming along with the Purple-one, himself.

The song was never featured on a single, nor was there a video made (at least, not one that didn't go into the Vault. Consequentally, i couldn't really find any video to post with this. Instead, I found this Price is Right video. I just can't help laugh at Rod Roddey's reaction to the wardrobe malfunction!! What a guy…





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