4. Computer Blue

12 06 2006

Computer Blue. What a good song! One of the funkier tracks on Purple Rain, it is also one of the few that was never released on a single. From this point onward, the album really starts to cook. This is in contrast to its use in the movie, which the Kid plays it, and the following track, at pretty-much a low point in his club career. Like i said the other day, the album cut is alot shorter than originally planned, due to the inclusion of "Take me with U," and i have to say, the extended version is WAYYY better. And with how good the album version is, that sez alot. I couldn't really find a video for it, unfortunatly, so all you're getting is a cover.

Purple Rain aside, i defended my MSc. proposal successfully today! I spent all hours of the weekend when soccer wasn't on, getting the presentation done, and i think people liked it. But, man o man, all of my sight gags bombed like an iraqi! wow. i almost started laughing at how bad they bombed. so awesome! i mean if a stupid animated gif cant get a laugh…





One response

12 06 2006

congrats on the defense bro

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