5. Darling Nikki

13 06 2006

Yeah! Awesome song. Last track on the first side of the album (vinyl rulz) and although it was never on a single, it's sexually-charged lyrics made it one of the song's that fueled the fire behind Tipper Gore's Parents Music Censorship Gleeclub that's been slapping "parental advisory" stickers on albums ever since!

Stupid american censorship aside, the song is guitar heavy and is fabled to have been recorded in one take! additionally, every band in the world and their brother has covered this song, but no good videos for it can be found (this one is just disturbing…)

more interesting than drunk guys and muscle chicks, i also found the "Hottest Blog Online" during my google search, which features some porn star named Nikki. here's a sample of some of the comments the many net-nerds have left for darling Nikki…

Bruce writes:

Your pussy is amazing. If you need someone to suck and lick on it just call me




The enigmatic "key" writes:


Every time I think of you Nikki I have to jack off and cum.


how graphic. thank you.


Now here's a nice one:

You are my dreamgirl. I want to fuck your pussy once. If you are ready say yes.


just once! he wouldn't want to get bored, what with so many other girls he still needs to hook up with…


and finally

the conservatively dubbed "analsexfreak" writes:



I wish she was suckin' on my beefstick. I'd save up my spuzz for a month just to wash down that pricelessly beautiful, blonde goddess face with it.


then follows up with a general comment


I wonder if she takes it up the ass?


hmm? the many mysteries of life. classy.






One response

14 06 2006

hahahahah the end of this blog is possibly some of your finest work, good going Mad

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