6. When doves cry

14 06 2006

A mainstay in Prince's live show, When doves cry is a kinda-sorta autobigraphical tune about the little big man (probably just as autobiographical as the movie Purple Rain was). It was the first single released from the album, and it blew up HUGE!! It was the top-selling single of '84, hitting number one on the charts in various countries. This is even more of a feat if you've seen the incredibly crappy cover on many of the versions. I, for one, greatly prefer the japanese cover, which let's the world know that "Prince is the drug!"

i have no idea what, exactly, that is supposed to mean.

so without further adieu, here's the really creepy video for one hell of a song. (this one's for my spaniard friends) Prince et el Revolucion aprasenta Quando doves(?) chora

haha screw you guys, im portuguese.





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