7. I would die 4 U

15 06 2006

Whew! Almost done. I promise the last two days will be alot beefier than the others have been, but soccers on soon, so i don't have much time.

I Would die 4 U was the last single off Purple Rain, and is a pretty good song if i don't say so myself. Looking into a bit i learned that it originally didnt do all that hot because some of the lyrics can be translated in a ("messiah complex" sort of way (I'm not a woman, I'm not a man, I am something that you'll never understand"); but i've i've never questioned Prince was king of the world, so it never bothered me. Consequentially, the single only hit #8 in the US, containing a B-side about a guy losing his girlfriend at Christmas. o be honest, i've never heard that song, and find "its christmas, be depressed!" songs to be pretty lame. I mean, if RUN DMC can write a song about Christmas in the ghetto and make it AWESOME, then i don't think anyone should bring down the Christmas mood, you know.

In the movie, Purple Rain, I would die 4 U is the song that ends the film, after the Kid comes back from disaster, and wins the crowd over with Purple Rain. It keeps the party going, and he does that ridiculously rad "running around the stage, rubbing his face" thing, that i always laugh at, and everyone watching, loves every minute.





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