9. Purple Rain

16 06 2006

Warning: the following post contains links to video which may lead to face-melting. Viewer Discretion is advised.

Purple Rain

Prince's signature song influenced a generation of kids. Fashion, dancing, sexuality every changed after the movie hit. Remember that Cosby Show episode when Lisa Bonet tries to leave the house with only half her face done with make-up? Purple Rain started the trend. Purple Rain is the quintessential power ballad. Slow tempo. Lost love. Face-melting solos. Fantastic.

The song from the album was recorded live at the same club seen in the movie, in Minneapolis. The single, with a VERY preachy B-side, hit #2 in the US and the song, itself, won the Oscar for best original score in '84!!

I really don't know what more to say. The song, album and film really defined a generation. I highly recommend partaking in all three, if you haven't before. Just fantastic.

Before i finish my little thing on Purple Rain, here's a couple awesome videos. The first from back in the day, and a second from the ninties with the New Power Generation (Prince's backing band since the beginning of the '90's).

Kiss your faces goodbye. Don't say i didn't warn you!





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