Anti-Skub: takin’ it to the streets!!

17 06 2006

Ok! Purple Rain has been covered. Time to get a few swears in before i leave for a week.

Portugal is going to kill me. I mean, they're playing Iran so good right now, but they've yet to score (as of the half). Figo is so on his game. Ronaldo is playing awesome. If they don't win, i'll feel like a dink. I mean, not as big a dink as, say, someone that storms out of a talk by Bill Nye, the science guy, about the moon not producing it's own light, but rather simply reflecting the sun's rays. But still. And now that Argentina is clearly the team to beat this World Cup, Portugal better step it up!! I mean, look at that goal! That's fuckin' Kablamo!!

 So my sister has Mono. That's hilarious.

Infectious Mononucleosis is a viral disease, caused by either the Epstein-Barr virus or the Cytomegalovirus. It is spread by contact with blood or saliva, with the majority of people infected with either virus remaining asymptomatic. The virus will infect B lymphocytes (cells involved in producing antigens to kill invading pathogens, for example) and causes a huge increase in their number. It will also result in the production of weird looking white blood cells (also important in your body's defenses). I can't find my virology textbook, so i can't tell you about the virus' replicative cycle, but i really would like to….

What i can do is post a bunch of cool advertisements, that i've found the other day and are pretty cool in one way or another. 

 Russian free-running?

 NO! its the sexy sounds of three-cord canadian garage rock, Magneta Lane!

I'm sexually-attracted to the freakishly tall bassist. 

also, Donnie Darko pwns all 

Finally, i'd like to be serious for a moment, if i may. There is a movement slowly growing throughout the www. One that sickens me. Please support the anti-skub cause. We cannot let the disgrace of the pro-skub camp to infect our society anymore than it has already.

Don't let skub have it's way!

 have a fun week and a half!





7 responses

18 06 2006

I checked out Magneta Lane… great all girl band. And what exactly is skub?

19 06 2006
Alexander DeSouza

What the heck is a ‘skub’?

19 06 2006
Alexander DeSouza

Holy crap, you’re only hearing about Magneta Lane now?! I’m so disappointed =(

19 06 2006
Alexander DeSouza

PS You might like these guys, Rilo Kiley.

20 06 2006

Yes, I’ve heard Rilo Kiley… it’s alright. It’s not something I could listen to everyday. And just discovering Magenta Lane: there’s nothing wrong with it. I’m not into the indie scene.

15 07 2006

Up with skub! It’s people like you that undermine this country with your sickening anti-skub communist ways. If you hate skub then the terrorists have already won.

16 07 2006


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