“when are they going to get to the fireworks factory?!”

30 06 2006

i’ve gotten about half of my pics.

until i can write up something, watch this crazy vid. i don’t usually like watching things where people die, but this is kind of neat. so is this.
also, go see Superman Returns. It’s awesome. it also led to my almost total breakdown into hysterics in the theatre, after this conversation:

“hey….what do you think superman’s suit is made out of?”


“oh…i hear cotton breathes quite well”

haha. damn, witty friends.

in thanks to the instigator of said conversation. play Alex Kidd in Miracle World





6 responses

1 07 2006

You know what I hate? The fact that people say “Superman is the best” just because he has super strenght. And this is coming from people who know nothing about the superhero universe. As much I love Superman, I am really starting to hate these people.

1 07 2006

ok. vent…

1 07 2006

That octopus thing is sooooo not real.

Also, superman would get his ass kicked by the hulk. Pre-doomsday killing I wouldnt have said that, but now I stand by it.

2 07 2006
Qwerty Maniac

The spiderman teaser kicks Superman’s arse 😛

2 07 2006

is it possible for a 90second video to actually beat Superman into submission? maybe Superman finds the video while surfing the net in the fortress of solitude, then watches it for six months straigh, at which time the artic enters it’s time of the year where the sun doesn’t come up at all. During this time, Superman continues to watch the trailer repeatedly without breaking to fly out and get groceries, which, now that he’s not being constantly nourished by earth’s yellow sun, he needs to survive and he finally dies of starvation.

i imagine it’d go something like that.

3 07 2006

Well if he got addicted to it, then yes I’d think so.

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