punk rock roadie

5 07 2006

christ, i’m going on tour today! i have so much to do. here’s a long list of links to fill those sad days when i’m not around.

wonder what competant scientists, who aren’t idiots/me, write about in their blogs?

there are some discoveries that don’t need explanation

scratch the classic zelda itch


wow, even the sun hasdipped into the blogging craze


german for random

brazil in the 1820’s

thank god for google translator

in communist china, coke drinks you
the sad part is, someone will say “man, i could really use on of those”
aww! how could i have missed the time travellers convention? or did i…


once again i dont know where the hell the rest of my portugal pictures are. which sucks cause i haven’t covered any funny stuff yet. maybe by the time i get back…

hey, hey, hey, smoke weed everyday: where by “smoke weed” i mean visit these sites every day:




ok, fuck you





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