back from touring

16 07 2006

yup. back from touring.

10 days of awesomeitity on the road with Iron Bitchface. Boston-NYC-NJ-Philly-Baltimore-Pittsburg ended up being the final tally. Unfrotunatly, a couple shows were cancelled on the day we left, but it was probably for the best. a little time off is ok. the NYC show was a last minute add, as well. kind of funny though, because the first thing i said to k-rot and devon was “i don’t want to drive in NYC.” before long, it became a running gag as we drove around the US that i’d repeatedly end up getting screwed into doing things i made clear i didn’t want to do (driving in manhattan, driving in Harlem, getting parking tickets, driving in rush hour, being in connecticut, getting very drunk, etc). another running gag (as you can see, there were many) was my uncanny ability to find venues! since im so smart, i didn’t bother to bring city maps, but in almost every case ended up stumbling upon each venue before too long.

anyway, along with the sodomy of the “50 ways to kill me” guy with a drumstick by someone (in all fairness, he did ask for it), and playing at a venue in which, not one week prior, a dead prostitute was found, i did get to meet some REALLY cool bands. i’ll throw a list of some of them later, however the Baltimore show requires further detail…

the day after the philly show, home of dead hooker alley, and t-minus 2 days to going home, all our energy levels were low. the intense heat of pennsylvania and maryland was taking their toll, and a week of 3 guys sleeping in a honda civic wasn’t helping. upon entering the greater Baltimore area, we stopped at a rest stop and were amazed to find one of god’s greatest gifts to mankind: two-player tetris. after a solid trouncing at the hands of devon, we were off to downtown Baltimore. the city’s a little crazy, because only half of it really follows the grid system. but i eventually ran across the venue. this show would be played in something called the “copycat building” which turns out to be an old loft-complex, that is full of hipsters who put on shows in their lofts. now, it turns out that the Baltimore underground music scene is very strong, with alot of support by John Hopkins university kids. they also love multimedia content in their shows; more about this later. the loft belonged to a really cool guy originally from australia, who would be playing that night with his digital hardcore band called “kitty porn.” now the interesting thing is that about an hour before the show all the bands started pouring in, then friends, then more friends, then MORE kids; cramming the 20mx50m space and making it hella-hot in the process. this show, of 100 or so twenty-something baltimore hipsters would turn out to be the craziest, funnest show i’ve ever been to. i cannot decribe the vibe in the air. it was incredible. the rather eclectic line up consisted of kitty porn, IBF, Soiled Matress and the Springs, and No Age.

The Kitty Porn-guy is also in a band called The Death Set, and he gave us their newest EP as we left the next morning. We didn’t get a chance to check it out until after that evening’s show in Pittsburg, but once we listened to it, it stayed on for 7 hours straight (its only about 10 minutes, mind you); the entire drive back home. I’ve searched around the net and found some youtube vids of the flash animations they show during their set (remember the love of multimedia shows, i mentioned), so check them out. they’re super rad, and my favorite band at the moment and will be for the forseeable future!

Paranoia xxxfixedxxx

Negative Thinking

Around the World xxxfixedxxx


Oh Snap!!
in conclusion, Fuck Connecticut. Thank you.





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17 07 2006

i’ve been yelled at for posting great lengths of material on my everyday routine of nothing but only a paragraph on big things like touring with a rock band. i’ll post a touring: directors cut soon, so keep yer pants on

18 07 2006

hey man,

sounds like a crazy trip indeed.

Im out in monreal now, and having a wicked time! I’ll fill u in next time i get to log into msn.

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